Published on Dec 29, 2019

Epic Snowboarding Background Images

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Its snowboarding season and that means people are going to be hitting up the mountains to go shred! But before you get all excited and jump in your car to drive up the mountains, make sure you take safety precautions before heading up there. We know that snowboarding is an extreme sport and you are bound for injury or even death when you’re up there shredding in the mountains. That’s why we must take safety as our number one concern when snowboarding. Here at The Best Snowboards, we’ll help you be prepared to hit the mountains, but we’ll also give you the right information to get you doing it so you can be as safe as possible when going up there.

But safety’s not all there is, there’s also this thing called warmth. You see, when you’re up in higher elevation, it gets very cold. The temperature drops and the weather turns cold and all that snow just makes it even colder and it will give you a cold and bitter beating. In other words, it will be freezing up there! So don’t just get all excited and drive up to the mountains and start snowboarding with no warm clothes! That’s our other precaution that we take to help you get prepared.

First of all, the most important thing you’ll need when snowboarding is a Helmet. The helmet not only keeps you warm but it will protect your head from injuries and even death. No one should disregard this important piece of equipment since it is the #1 priority for your safety when you’re snowboarding. You want a helmet that will not only be warm but comfortable enough that you can move your head around easily and see clearly in different directions, because when you’re snowboarding, you never know what’s going to hit you.


The next thing you need is a snowboard goggle. You’re going to be snowboarding up there and the goggle is going to be a good equipment to protect your eyes. Whether it is protection from snow or even tree branches, the goggles with protect your eyes in case something happens. It’s very important to have goggles. Also, when you’re up higher elevation, the temperature drops and the wind chill is insanely cold so if you don’t have goggles to keep your eyes warm; your eyes are bound to get damaged or even frozen up. Also when you ride down descent, the ice particles will hit your face and it will be freezing as hell and it will deter your vision and make it harder for you to see and we do not want that, so goggles is another important factor.

The next factor is OUTERWEAR. I cannot stress this enough. A lot of people that go snowboarding underestimate the weather. You will be freezing up there if you don’t wear warm clothes. I’ve seen people go up the mountains wearing 1 layer of clothing saying something like “Oh, that’s nothing, I’ll be warm with just my snowboard jacket” and what do you expect when they get up the slopes?? They’re freezing their butts off and snowboarding is being more of a hassle than having fun. Snowboarding should be fun, it shouldn’t be a hassle. You should feel good, but when you’re unprepared, there are consequences for that and you will not enjoy it.

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