Published on Jan 8, 2017

Eraser White Background Images

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Rubber erasers are school and office essentials. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that a erasers make such an important element in the workplace and at school. While men do not like to make mistakes, there are times when they do. This is one case where an erasers is useful.

One of the most common places where you normally use these erasers in school. Children can use them, and their mere presence is a guarantee for these young people, their errors may be corrected at any time. Thus, children will have a great time showing off their attractive erasers to classmates.

Dry Eraser


Dry erase are easy to use, very convenient, attractive, smaller and more stylish. They are more frequent because of their usefulness. Compared with the old blackboards, old one which produce dust while writing or deletion as some chalk marks are not completely erased, as if someone wrote again, which creates a problem of visibility. The invention is dry-erase eraser has solved all of these problems. You can erase without any problems.

Allergic problems are caused by the chalk powders, which causes chest problem in patients with asthma, you need to get rid of dust after cleaning and makes the clothes dirty. Use of dry erase boards have eliminated all of these problems. You can wash it with clean water and a clean dry cloth before use.

These erasers can erase the marks, chalk and ink. In the case of the ink, wash it with soap and water. There is a type of rubber that is comfortable and the rest of the ink does not stick to it.

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