Published on Aug 21, 2020

Fall Leaves Background Images

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One of the most important choices that you have to make when planning out your layout is which colors you will use and how you will put them in relation to each other. But in the fall, nobody can improve on the colors that Mother Nature provides. Instead of trying to recreate those colors, however, you could try using the materials that nature herself provides.

Here are some ways to work autumn’s beauty into your scrapbooks:

Leaves: This is the most obvious of the materials that abound in nature in the fall. A short walk around your neighborhood or a nearby park will provide you with handfuls of leaves of different colors, sizes, and shapes. These can be pressed for a day or two to make them flat and smooth, then arranged neatly to form the base of your layout.

Fall flowers: Mums, Joe Pye weed, blue mist shrub and various faux sunflowers abound in autumn, and make beautiful additions to your memories. Of course, most of these flowers have to be pressed for a few weeks before they are flat enough to be put in a scrapbook, but while the flowers are pressing, you can be taking and gathering the pictures you’re going to place among them.


Either fall leaves or flowers can be the backdrop for a full layout, of course. Many family memories are made in the fall, from raking leaves and jumping in the pile to harvest festivals and cups of hot cider. But you might also consider letting nature star in the layout, without photos, so that the colors and blooms are allowed to show off the beauty they have all on their own.

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