Published on Dec 24, 2019

Fantasy Art Background Images

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Fantasy art, where Dragons and Orcs roam forgotten lands have been with us since well before Tolkien introduced us to Bilbo Baggins the hobbit. Aliens in all shapes and sizes were roaming our imagination long before Giger introduced his Alien into our nightmares, but recent years have seen fantasy and science fiction art be accepted in main stream society and no film that falls into this category can be a success today without the visual special effects, art and imagination that some of most talented fantasy artist can bring us today.

With the growth of the internet, along with the explosion in the games industry, both off and online, and more instructional art books being published by companies like Impact books, fantasy art has been propelled to main stream acceptance and evolved into many new forms, but all rooted in imagination and artistic talent. I only have to think how far things have come when I think back to when I stood in the rain to queue and see the original Star Wars film.

Technology has moved on and the fantasy art I knew as a student has been brought to life in an age of technology that, like the fantasy art subject matter, seems to have no limits.


As a student and budding artist, fantasy art was very much a specialist avenue to take and many a lecturer would dismiss such art / illustration as a waste of time.

Today we see fantasy art in all walks of our daily life. From online games where you fight aliens a billion miles from home to the latest home appliances advertised by the Star Wars icons C3PO and R2DT. All started as ideas, art and a passionate artist drawing and designing the things of imagination.

Online galleries show us the new and established fantasy artists and the work they have created. Films like Avatar have become breathtaking in their appearance due to fantasy artists / designers who’s wealth of imagination have no limits and games like the new Dead Space can propel you to another world while sitting in your armchair. These and many more started as ideas, drawings and artwork with fantasy artist and authors.

Like the fantasy artwork which has no limits it seems that the growth of fantasy art has itself, no limits, as fantasy films get more spectacular, games get more imaginative and publishing by artists and writers becomes more widespread with the continued growth of the internet.

As Einstein once said ‘imagination is more important than knowledge’

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