Published on Jan 7, 2017

Feather Pen White Background Images

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Pens are the essential writing tools that we can’t write without it. The word derives from the Latin word “penna”, which in simple terms refers to the feathers. With the advancement in technology, the pens which we know today, are slightly different from those that existed centuries ago. Traditional, simple and artistic feather pens, we now have a variety of pens that were born from this traditional ideas. Here you will find plenty of information about pens like Quills, metal nibs, felt pens, pens, roller pens, ballpoint and many others that we cannot goon listing.

Feather pen was used around 500 BC made out of dried pure feathers, it has been used with some ink, which was extracted from herbs. The most common elements that uses the goose, swan and turkey, because they are thought to have a high percentage of the capillary rate therefore, can suck a large amount of ink.

Feather pens can be a perfect gift item given to the wedding, along with other gifts. Even these pens can be used for special occasions, such as the signing of the marriage certificate of the bride and groom and make them feel special and handle other routine will look completely out of place in this special event.


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