Published on May 4, 2017

Fire White Background Images

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Did you know that even a very small fire can get out of control and burn the entire house? Or that many fires are started by children’s?

The fire moves very fast. If fire not controlled in seconds, it can burn the building in minutes. And a burning house can set other houses on fire. Fire is not dangerous inside. Open burning of piles of leaves or grass can get out of control. Bonfires can also lead to large fires if they are not put out all the way.

Little children often play with fire, because they are curious and do not understand how much harm the fire can do. If you see a small child playing with matches, candles or any fire, get an adult immediately!


Older children may also be tempted to touch a candle or something to light a fire to see what will happen. Do not do this! Children who play with fire can end up burning themselves, and destroy important things, like houses and forests.

Fires can be cozy and interesting to watch, but only in a controlled situation. Think of a campfire, a fireplace for the winter night, or a professional fireworks display.

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