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Flower Background Images

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Flowers, such as roses, lilies and chamomiles, are used to express love, memories or apology daily. Throughout human history, flowers have played a vital role in the quality of gifts and expressions of certain gestures. The Greeks believed that flowers are important because they associated them with the gods. In 1700, the importance of flowers increased when French and English visitors visit Turkey and discover the language of flowers. A visit gives meaning to different types of flowers. Based on this, Victorian culture attaches importance to all the characteristics of flowers.

The Victorians lived in an era where no emotion was expressed. As a result, flowers have become an acceptable means of expression. In the Victorian era, the arrangement, size and colour of flowers conveyed many meanings, and people did not want to say a word. The way a person holds or presents a flower is also important.

During this period, books were written to help people decipher the meaning of colours. What is expressed today in e-mails and text messages can be conveyed using a single flower. Floral design messages are also different from some arrangements to the others.


The history of giving flowers is still being written. Once the thought of a woman giving flowers to a man is inconceivable. However, over time, this has changed. Many online florists find ways to deliver flowers anywhere in the world. Moreover, there are scientific advances that provide an opportunity for a year-round supply of all kinds of flowers. Even if many people do not know what most flowers mean, they still give them gestures.

People most often use flowers to convey different feelings and decorate their homes.

Flowers can be given on a special occasion or simply ask someone to love or think about them. Some of the most popular types of flowers include daisies, lilies and roses, although there are dozens of other options, and the choice of flowers and flower arrangements is half funny.

Since different flowers tend to convey different meanings or emotions, they have long been used to convey feelings such as love or sympathy. One of the best flowers in the chickpea family is the anemone, which is said to be an expectation, whereas amaryllis is a brilliant or radiant beauty. Amaryllis can produce flowers for 75 years, which may explain its meaning.

In ancient times it was said that burning the aster flower leaves would keep the snakes away. Beautiful and popular chrysanthemum, which appeared in China, was considered a symbol of loyalty and the sun.

Of course, red is associated with romance and love, and this is what the recipient thinks about if you send red flowers. Peach and link are flowers that represent love for a friend or family member, and the flowers of these flowers can be given to show this love. Because yellow is cheerful and inspiring, yellow flowers often give a mood.

Funeral flowers and wedding flowers are always appreciated and are only two cases where you can effectively send flowers to give the right message.

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