Published on Jun 2, 2017

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Given the obesity rates in this country, many people are addicted to food. Food dependence can be very similar to alcohol and drug addiction. The difference between overeating and addict is that over-eating simply eats too much, but can be stopped if they wanted and tried to, but the addict often can not stop eating or binging, although the extra money is costing, that affect the relationship. Food addicts obsess about food. While most obese people can depend on food, weight is not the only reason for their identification. People who are thin or medium, who suffer from bulimia or similar disorders can also be affected by food addicts.

Maybe you’re at a party or a picnic, and someone pulled out a tray of chocolate cupcakes. It’s not your new diet plan to eat cupcakes, but the host made them think of you, remember that they are your favorite flavor. So, you decided that it would be better to have only one. You enjoy a cup of the delectable cupcake like a soft and moist cake and how much cream and chocolate glaze is. But that one cupcake you decided to have another. At this point, you realize that you can not stop to eat them. You can join voluntarily to take a holiday home, saying that it will “bring in your family,” even if you know that you will eat everything else. Or so people do not know that they have problems, maybe you leave a little earlier, and stop at the bakery for cupcakes and possibly other places since ice cream will certainly have a good taste. Now you are thinking of cupcakes and chocolates and eating too much which leads you to bad health habits. So limit everything in your life from food to watching TV and Internet surfing.

Cupcakes, ice cream, chips or pizza, if you can not stop eating certain foods, you can be a food addict. Food addiction is real and serious. In the United States, the level of obesity is increasing for several years. Surprisingly, in the fight against food addiction obesity is not mentioned. People say self-control to use their will and avoid overeating. They tell us, eat less sugar and fat and do exercise.


People who suffer from bulimia, eat a copious amount of food they binge, as well as many other addicts who are overweight, but because it purges their food, they tend to be thin or medium-weight often. But they are often addicted to food and are not able to deal with just one serving. They eat a large amount of food but try to control their weight, while “getting rid of ” food.

Make a habit in your life that you shouldn’t over eat anything and don’t be a food addict, eat the limit amount of food that your body need on a daily basis.

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