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Ford White Background Images

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Today Ford produces one of the most popular and widely sold cars in the world. Founded over a century ago, Ford has become the largest family company in the world and has been in the same family for over 100 years continuously.

It was Henry Ford, who in 1903, at the age of 40, launched the Ford Motor Company. Using $12,000 in cash, Henry Ford created a car company with twelve more investors, including the Dodge brothers.

Founder: Henry Ford
Founded: 16 June 1903, Dearborn, Michigan, United States
Production output: 6.6 million vehicles (2017)
Subsidiaries: Jaguar Cars, Lincoln Motor Company


At first, the company that was based at a rented factory in Detroit, Michigan, built only a few cars every day. In the early years, the cars manufactured by Ford were given a letter, and Model A was built in 1903. In 1908, the S model was replaced by the T model, which became popular and became a symbol of the American automotive industry of that era.

The first model Ford T were produced at the company’s own factory in Piquette Road Manufacturing plant. In 1909, 18,000 Ts were produced, and demand soared that Ford had to convert the Ts model to a larger factory. In 1911, about 70,000 models of the Ts and more than 170,000 people were built the following year.

Until 1919, Ford produced 50% of all US cars and 40% of all cars in the UK.

In the same year Henry’s son Edsel Ford became president of the company. Over the next few years, Ford continues to be effective in the field of technology, which will lead to lower prices for vehicles, but neglected customer wants for improving cars. As a result, Ford lost market share to General Motors and Chrysler, as both companies offered a range of cars, including luxury options, and various financial options to help people buy their cars.

In 1922, Ford acquired the Lincoln Motor Company, building its luxury range of cars. But it was not until 1927 that Ford introduced credit agreements for its customers so that they could be purchased on a pay-monthly arrangement. At the same time, Ford launched the upgraded Model A and retired the Model T.

During the Great Depression, Ford suffered, like many other manufacturing companies, as demand for cars fell and a large number of employees were laid off. Nevertheless, the US military transferred its production to Ford for the B-24 Liberator planes at a specially built Willow plant, which was opened in 1941. Using mass production for military efforts, Ford every hour produced B-24 at the plant, the stress of these efforts is too great for Edsel Ford, who died in 1943 of stomach cancer, leaving his father Henry resumed control of the company’s day-to-day management.

In 1945, Henry made his eldest grandson Henry Ford II, president of the company, which in 1956 became a publicly traded corporation, although the Ford family retained 40% of its controlling interest in the company.

Henry Ford dies in 1947, and in the coming decades Ford again began to grow and restore its reputation as a leading automaker. In the 1950s Thunderbird was launched and in the 1960s the Mustang.

Ford continues to enjoy automobile success, producing a wide range of small cars such as Fiesta and Ka, estate cars with their own cars, such as Mondeo and minibuses, such as the symbolic Transit.

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