Published on Aug 21, 2020

Forest Fall Background Images

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Round about October and November the trees of the New Forest National Park start to change from brilliant greens of summer to the golden yellows and browns of Fall. It is the most glorious site and worth spending some time walking around or just sitting and looking.

The New Forest was planted 1000 years ago and is mainly made up of ancient Oak trees, Yew (the oldest being a common yew thought to be 1000 years), stunning Beech, Sweet Chestnut and a recent addition is the Pine which is harvested for timber.

The Forest covers 140,000 acres and has over 4 million trees and there are also large areas of open heath with wild Heathers and Gorse bushes growing. The yellow gorse flowers in Spring right through Summer and give off the most exotic scent of honey and coconut!


Most famous of all are the semi wild New Forest ponies which are privately owned but allowed free access to graze. The ponies which number around 5000 are rounded up in the Spring for branding and for sales. They are the main attraction of the New Forest. In Fall time, pigs are also let loose onto the Forest to forage for roots and of course the acorns which are a danger for the ponies. Pig husbandry on the Forest is called pannage and is steeped in centuries of tradition.

The New Forest has many miles of cycling track and separate walking track and has many livery stables to hand for visitors that want to see more of the Forest from a higher viewpoint at a leisurely controlled pace.

If you want to visit the New Forest there is a regular train service from London Waterloo which stops at 5 New Forest stations. One of the friendliest and most refreshing hotels is the Sway Manor Hotel which is a former Edwardian family home and sits in 5 acres of beautiful gardens and woodlands in the heart of the New Forest National Park.

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