Published on Jan 13, 2017

Fountain Pen White Background Images

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Platinum fountain pens have exteriors and look of platinum. Their cap and body comes with platinum, so the stylus pen and the nib do not tarnish. Some platinum fountain pens are also have platinum cases placed to provide them with additional protection. Platinum fountain pens are equipped with internal mechanisms, however, are the same as conventional pen. These pens are usually equipped with converters and fillers of international standards, so you can use any ink or cartridge.

Platinum fountain pens are great item for a gift, because they can also be customized. Name of the person to whom it is gifted or logo on special occasions, often engraved on them. These prints are generally available for a minimal fee. In addition to gift items, platinum fountain pens are a collectibles as well. Many people who collect pens have antique and vintage platinum fountain pen. As a result of platinum bodies, these pens can withstand great pressure, and does not affect the change in time and thus remain intact for many years.

Platinum fountain pens are made from all major producing pens companies, but a bit more limited edition, because they are more expensive than conventional fountain pens. The prices of these platinum fountain pens, not only depends on the quality and quantity of platinum is used for the outdoor unit, and the material of the stylus. In the case of gold nib, the price automatically shoots up. Rates also depend on the accessories, which are sold together with the pen when the pen stands, which may also be made of platinum, platinum pots ink and plated cases. These fountain pens are available freely in the market and, as a rule, either auctioned or custom made on demand.


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