Published on Jan 6, 2020

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With the continual rise of gas prices it has become a wise decision to buy a car that saves fuel. A statistic says that as many as fifteen percent of car buyers reject a certain car model because they are not satisfied with its fuel saving features. Even more, some consumers rule out from the very beginner certain car models, such as SUVs, because they have very poor gas mileage.

Advice on how to improve gas mileage can be found almost anywhere – magazines, web sites, etc.- but can you really turn them into an everyday habit? Will you be able to drive slower every day or maintain the same speed at all time or use air conditioning to the minimum because it is known that fuel consumption will be increased . Of course, changing the oil and the air filters on a regular basis will ensure an improved gas mileage, but fuel saving won’t be spectacular and these procedures are not cost-free. Therefore, more and more consumers turn to a product which saves fuel.

The fuel saving products on the market fall into several categories. One of them is gas additives. It is based on a very sound mechanism and it’s very effective as far as costs are concerned. Its efficiency has been demonstrated scientifically and when using such a fuel saving product, you needn’t worry about low performance or increased exhaust emissions or short engine life anymore.


The testing of these fuel saving products is done according to established standards. Not only don’t they have a negative effect on the environment, but they are actually environment-friendly. How do these products work? The process is quite simple. The hydrocarbons in the gas have the tendency to curl up and form clusters, making it impossible for the oxygen to reach the fuel entirely. For this reason, the gas hydrocarbons burn only partially and what isn’t burned will result into exhaust emissions. The fuel saving products work to ease this process and make exhaust emissions lower.

Fuel saving additives can be found in shops or on the Internet. Regardless of the form they come in, that is liquid or solid, s tablets, they share a characteristic, which is that every product which saves fuel needs to be added when filling up the gas tank. Like many other products in the field, fuel savings products need to be used several times before their effects will become apparent. It is also important that you stick to same fuel saving product and remember that the effects will be obvious only after several fill-ups of your tank.

Fuel saving products improve the maneuverability of your car and the drivability of your engine because they release the engines components in general and the fuel injectors in particular of any possible deposits, while others provide the fuel system of your car with moisture.

A product that saves fuel is most likely to have been tested and registered so it’ s safe to use, but you have to make sure that these conditions are fulfilled. The fuel system of your vehicle will definitely not be harmed and you can relax about the exhaust emissions as well, because a fuel saving product will certainly not increase them. Tests of the products can be done in independent labs but that doesn’t make them less reliable. The most common way to test a product which saves fuel is to compare the test results on the same car, tests which has been performed with and without a fuel saving gas additive.

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