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Geisha Background Images

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A Geisha is a woman who dedicates her life to learning a set of skills that are prized as being the height of the womanly arts. Geishas learn traditional arts such as the fan dance, the tea ceremony, and music, and were considered entertainers above all. They wear extravagant makeup and traditional kimonos and go through many years of training to achieve the perfection they are expected to embody.

Although the Geisha has her roots in the courtesans of old Japan, they are not prostitutes. This is a common misconception among foreigners. Geishas are prized more for their skills as entertainers and companions than for sexual favors, and in modern Japan they continue to provide these services. Most importantly, a Geisha is a woman of great grace and talent, who provides traditional entertainment and light conversation.

The look of the Geisha is the most well known incarnation of the Japanese female. They wear their hair up in the heavy bun that is easily recognized, and dress is heavy, beautifully patterned kimonos. Their makeup consists of white foundation that covers the entire face, and they paint their lips red with black around the eyes. The style and placement of the hairpins that hold the bun in place is significant and indicates the Geisha’s rank.


Everything about a Geisha’s look contributes to her mystique – everything is picture perfect at all times. The Geisha is generally perceived as the perfect woman, who has mastered all of the arts of service, music, dance, and conversation. She is enigmatic and yet simple; behind the heavy makeup and kimono, she is simply someone who knows how to be the life of a party, always keep the conversation flowing, and make everyone feel at ease.

The grace of the Geisha is certainly something every woman wants to embody, if not the dancing and music aspects. A Geisha costume lets a woman take on the mystery and beauty of an exotic and fascinating world and step into a character whose beauty and skill make her prized among all women. Although the traditional Geisha costume is heavy and modest, many women in the Western world prefer our own version of the Geisha – a little sexier and a little more approachable. Geisha Halloween costumes reflect this change, and are the perfect choice for a woman who wants something both exotic and beautiful.

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