Published on May 4, 2017

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How to find the perfect gift for everyone, regardless of the age of the recipient? I always believed that the general principle of finding the best gift ideas remains the same: the idea of the recipient comes first – the gift itself takes only the second place.

This is the basic principle, in essence, assuming that the idea of an ideal gift does not exist as a concept that can be considered universal. Otherwise, there is no such thing as a standard “perfect gift” for everyone that matches a certain profile, demographic or description. Each so-called best gift is unique, as the recipient and the purpose for which it is given.

Each gift is ideal only insofar as it corresponds to a specific purpose. Different people have different purposes for the gifts that you give. Most of these purposes are practically attached to self-serving motives. Most people give gifts to satisfy the desires of others. However, the most beloved, noble and special gift that you can give is one that helps meet the needs of the recipient.


Everyone has its desires and needs, and eventually to realize these gifts you need that readings and there are more important (and often remember). In the end, any person can live without getting what he/she wants. Imagine yourself as the recipient of a special gift.

Taking the recipient’s need in your favor when deciding which gifts to give lifts your gift giving a few notches higher than the usual, superficial, aimless and meaningless giving. So if you are going to practice a more loving and real human way to give the best gift to your loved ones, try a needs-based approach.

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