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Gladiolus Background Images

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Flowers come in all shapes and sizes and the Gladiolus is a fine example of this. It has large thick stems, usually with 6-8 tightly packed blossoms on one side. They come in a variety of colors – some that are native to the species and some that have been cultivated over the years – pink, yellow, red, purple, white and orange.

Representing strength of character and gracefulness, this blossom also represents the 40th Wedding Anniversary. Said to have had a secret meaning in the Victorian era, this flower was given to symbolize “love at first sight” and secret passion.

Parts of the Gladiolus are poisonous if ingested; nevertheless, this extremely fragrant member of the Iris family was still used for medicinal purposes once upon a time. The English used the corms to remove thorns and splinters, while some mixed powdered corms with goat’s milk to relieve colic. Care and Cultivation


If you are a gardener looking cultivate flowers that evoke a gladiator-esque or old Victorian feel for your garden, the imposing Gladiolus is a wonderful choice. They are generally semi-hardy (there are some hardy varieties) and should be grown in temperate climates – full sun if possible.

In the fall, after the blooming season is over, lift the corms (bulbs) from the soil, store inside and replant in the spring. Some of the hardier varieties can be left in the soil. When you are ready to plant in the spring, plant the corms 4-6 inches apart in full sun – partial shade, in an area with good drainage.

The Gladiolus is a must for unique flower designs and looks beautiful as a cut flower. It should be tended to daily with fresh water and the removal of wilted blossoms.Enjoy this unique flower in your garden or on your kitchen table; it is sure to evoke passion and strength with whoever comes across it.

Gladiolus also known as sword lily, is a flower plant belongs to the genus Gladiolus containing about 260 species and native to South Africa. It has been used in traditional medicine in treating diarrhea and stomach upsets.

 How gladiolus effects women with endometriosis

Digestive system

It is said that gladiolus has been used in traditional South Africa medicine to improve function of digestive system in absorbing the variety of nutrients which are necessary for women with endometriosis because for what ever reasons, most of them are found to have some kinds of nutrients deficiency during menstrual cycle.

Secretion system

Gladiolus also helps to improve the contraction of the large intestine and movement of stool that decrease the risk of constipation resulting in lessening the menstrual cramps for some women if endometrial implants and adhesion attached to the secretion organs.

Nervous system

It also helps the liver in fat and protein metabolism resulting in lessening the tension of nervous system including symptoms of fatigue, emotional and physical stress, anxiety and depression.

Menstrual cramps

It is said the plant also helps in regulating the function of certain hormone in the prostaglandins family as resulting of liver function in balancing the levels of fatty acids. As we know unbalancing of fatty acids causes over production of some members in the prostaglandins hormone resulting in over active uterine muscles and menstrual cramps.

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