Published on Jan 6, 2020

Goblin WOW Background Images

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Following the Cataclysm events, Azeroth has undergone an extreme reconstruction. Blizzard introduced a lot of new features and improvements to WoW. This Goblin guide offers a short summary of one particular new Goblin race.

Prior to the Cataclysm you would possibly see the Goblin Guide piloting the Horde’s airships, making an effort to make a profit while in BootyBay, or working at the bank. The Goblins are very unique looking. They are especially short in stature, their facial features are exaggerated and they are green. They’re well known because of their unique inventions and greed for any item that is shiny or gold.

The Goblins stayed a neutral race during the period from when the Second War ended and the new Cataclysm. They earned a profit by selling supplies and arms to both sides that were fighting. All of this was changed for a certain group of Goblins. Kezan, the Goblin’s home, was destroyed due to a massive volcano erupting while the Cataclysm was happening. A grouping of Goblins left the island by boarding one of the Goblin merchant prince’s yachts. While they were on the journey gone from the island the Goblins got trapped in an engagement at sea that was between a Horde ship and Alliance ships. The prince’s ship ended up being completely destroyed. The survivors ended up washing ashore onto the Lost Isles.


A Goblin is able to choose between being a rouge, priest, mage, warlock, shaman, hunter, or warrior. You will begin on Kezan. This is where a Goblin quest chain starts. This quest includes a comedic twist in comparison to a few of World of Warcraft’s many different starting quest chains. Just the quest chain by itself is enough reason to give the new race a try if you would like to experience something entertaining and laugh.

Besides all of that, the Goblins do have a distinct set of racial capabilities:

• Rocket Jump – Jump Forward capability on a two minute cooldown. For now, it is just fun, but in PvP this will be a big help to avoid Line of Sight.

• Rocket Barrage – this capability shares the two minute cooldown with Rocket Jump and permits a quite hefty attack at the last minute with your belt, which is scaled to your level.

• Time is Money – You get a one percent increase to all casting and attack speeds. This is quite huge in raiding for DPS.

• Best Deals Anywhere – You will obtain the greatest possible discount from every vendor regardless of your faction. A very nice boost for top end items.

• Pack Hobgoblin – This is a great one. Some pets offer similar bonuses, but you obtain it at Level 1. Access to bank for one minute during a thirty second cooldown.

• Better Living via Chemistry – fifteen skill boost to Alchemy.

Of great benefit is Pack Hobgoblin. If you have the need to cache loot while you are doing an instance or access consumables during a raid, then this racial capability definitely is capable of saving you some time and making life a bit more convenient. If you want additional information on the Goblins, which includes a Goblin starter guide, review Zygor guides.

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