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Gucci Background Images

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The roots of the House of Gucci go back to the 1920’s when a man named Guccio Gucci started making and marketing finely crafted leather goods in the city of Florence Italy. His business base and reputation grew to the point that in 1938 he was able to open up his very own shop to feature and market his homemade wares.

The Bamboo Handled hand bag Becomes Introduced

Although business was good, it was not wonderful but a lot his luck was to alter in around 1947 with the creation into the Gucci production lineup of the Gucci bamboo handle bag and hand bag. It was a pattern and look that up until that point hadn’t ever been seen before and it was soon on the arm of a legion of Hollywood A-list celebrities and European notables.

Guccio Gucci Dies in 1953

To this day, that trend of bag and hand bag is all the same a best selling Gucci fashion accessory. It was around this period of time that Gucci also designed and started utilizing its trademark green and red pinstriped webbing that likewise is a best-selling design feature on many Gucci items to this time. It was the tragic death of Guccio Gucci in 1953 that would expand to important switches in the business that would bring with them continuing significances.


The Gucci Sons Assume Hold of the Company

Although there were six kids in Gucci family unit, only 4 of them, all men would take an active role in directing the business after their father’s dying. In those days, the governing of the Gucci business was renowned for the intense inner chaos the Gucci kindred about any amount of events, leading from merchandising policy, project options and gains distribution. All The Same; it was Aldo Gucci himself that was in the end recognized as being the most contributing to the positive modifications that came to be.

A Period of Remarkable Emergence and Enlargement

Between the time that Guccio Gucci passed in 1953, until the time of the end of sixties, the Gucci production line and business as a whole went through extraordinary expansion. However on straightforward through the seventies , 1980s, and 90s there existed extended emergence, to the degree where what Gucci businessmen earned as a fine family unit style substantiated project business firm, is nowadays accepted as the largest in Italy and second largest globally with annual sales recorded in the dozens of billions of dollars.

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