Published on Mar 1, 2017

Helicopter White Background Images

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Helicopters are the safest to fly in bad weather because they can slow down, stop and/or fly backwards or sideways. It uses a rotor to supply traction and lift required for flight. The helicopter is unique in that it is able to take off and land vertically. It is also be able to hover, fly forward, backward and sideways. The idea of ​​vertical flight has existed since 400BC, when the Chinese toys made from bamboo mimicked the flight of modern day helicopters.

In 1861, the machine was called a helicopter, but it can not lift off the ground. Helicopters are designed with rotating rotors, which may include two or more blades which provide lift and thrust, that made it possible for vertical flight.

Helicopters tend to be much noisier than aircraft planes, and they vibrate a lot. It is estimated that there are about 45,000 helicopters operating around the world today. This includes military helicopters.


The first person was rescued at sea by helicopter in 1944. It is believed that the use of helicopters rescued more than 3 million lives during the war and peace times around the world since then. Helicopters also called HELOS, whirlybirds, choppers and copters.

In 2002 helicopter crash in Chechnya has led to the deaths of 114 passengers. There were 147 people on board the helicopter that exceed the capabilities by 1.5 times.

The fastest recorded speed of the helicopter is about 248 miles per hour.

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