Published on Jan 31, 2017

Hip Hop Shoes White Background Images

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There is not a specific type of shoes, which should be regarded as a hip-hop shoes. Dancers more often do not get the sports shoes of sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok and loves to dance.

In my opinion, comfort should come first when choosing a pair of hip hop shoes for dancing. This is because dance can be energetic at times and may require shoes with extra protection, like an insole pad so that the dancer does not hurt his/her leg when performing hip hop dance moves.

Having said that, however, the style and design of the hip hop shoe is also important if the dancers used a pair for showcases, dance performances or recitals. There are shoes that meet the requirements of both comfort and style.


Dancers often create their own views and not necessarily buy from well-known brands. Visit any dance studio you will see many dancers wear shoes with no brand attached. Various embodiment’s may require shoes of sports brands. It depends on the topic or story behind the dance choreography. For example, there are shoes with slippery soles, it is not properly insured for the choreography, which requires a lot of sliding or shifting. In contrast, non-slip shoes are also great for other dance moves.

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