How Do You Spell Anigh?

You can use the adjective treble to mean “triple,” either because it’s three times as large, or has three components. … Another meaning of treble is a high-pitched singing voice, especially a boy’s. Treble comes from the Latin word triplus, or “threefold.”

What does treble mean for kids?

1 : to shake involuntarily (as with fear or cold) : shiver. 2 : to move, sound, pass, or come to pass as if shaken or tremulous the building trembled from the blast. 3 : to be affected with great fear or anxiety trembled for the safety of her child.

How do you use the word treble?

having more than one decidedly dissimilar aspects or qualities.

  1. There was a treble knock at the door.
  2. We will treble the sale this year.
  3. He earns almost treble the amount that I do.
  4. They sold the house for treble the amount they paid for it.
  5. Capital expenditure was treble the 1998 level.
  6. James has a fine treble voice.

How can a tree become a home to heaven Anigh?

Answer: He plants a home to heaven anigh; The tree is portrayed as a friend of sun and sky because the tree depends on the sun to carry out the process of photosynthesis. Similarly, the tree is a friend of the sky because it takes in carbon dioxide from the air and releases oxygen in the air and thus purifies the air.

What is meant by home to heaven Anigh?

Answer: Trees grow tall and wide. … … When the mother bird sings it can be referred to as “heaven’s harmony” and “heaven anigh” because the beautiful song seems to come from heaven as the birds are high up in the tree and since the birds sing at twilight it seems like heaven at night.

Why do you think the phrase to heaven Anigh has been used in this context?

The use of words such as ‘heaven anigh,’ ‘heaven’s harmony,’ and ‘towering high’ is intended to convey the impression that the work of planting a tree is indeed a heavenly and glorious deed. The last line of the first stanza forms a logical whole with the opening line, one asking a question and the other answering it.

Why does the poet say that he plants a home to heaven Anigh Do you agree with the poet give reason?

He says so because a he describes the tree as heaven. I do agree because trees make the nature beautiful, gives us fresh air, and fulfills all our needs. A tree is one of the most valuable things and we need to nourish it.

How are the years that fade and flush again connected with tree plantation?

The poet has mentioned it when talking about the long-lasting benefits of plantation. He describes a tree as the “seed and bud of days to be / And years that fade and flush again;” It means that the tree planted at present will bear flowers, fruits and seed for a long long time in future, for years to come.

What is Twilight Why is it a happy Twilight?

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Twilight is the dim light that is visible after the Sun has set. It is a happy twilight because it contains sweet songs sung by mother bird to her newly born and small birds, as well as a view of beautiful sky.

What is the terrible of Heaven’s Harmony?

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To begin with, ‘treble‘ can refer to the high pitch of the birds. In music, the higher tones make up the treble. So, the phrase means that as the birds sing to their young ones, it is well in tune with the kind of harmony that God wanted. It shows natural harmony and connects nature to heaven.

What is the joy that unborn eyes shall see?

When the poet says “The joy that unborn eyes shall see” in the second stanza of the poem, he means our future generations by the expression “unborn eyes”. Here eyes represent babies. Thus this is a metonymy (babies are referred to by eyes) and a synocdoche (a part of the body referring to the whole).

How do you spell Twilight’s name?

Twilight Saga, series of vampire-themed novels for teenagers written by American author Stephenie Meyer. The Twilight Saga includes four titles: Twilight (2005; film 2008), New Moon (2006; film 2009), Eclipse (2007; film 2010), and Breaking Dawn (2008; film part 1, 2011, part 2, 2012).

How do you use twilight in a sentence?

Twilight sentence example

  1. They were sitting in the twilight by a window in the drawing room. …
  2. The sense of being in the Twilight Zone returned. …
  3. In the twilight and the night the rabbits came regularly and made a hearty meal. …
  4. When did she step into the Twilight Zone?

What is meant by treble in the heart of the tree?

‘Treble’ means the pitch range of the highest female voice. Here it refers to the chirping of birds. The poet wants to say that the song of the birds that live on a tree is harmonious (well matched) to heaven’s own tunes.

What is the mother croon of bird ‘? What is the treble of Heaven’s Harmony ‘?

“Mother-croon of bird” is the gentle humming voice of a mother-bird to its baby. The song is not sung in a hushed voice, but it is heard in the hushed moments of twilight, as then the noises in the surroundings gets reduced.

What does the expression unborn eyes indicate?

The expression “unborn eyes”,here, indicates the children or the babies which are yet to born or are not born. They will see the trees which were planted by their parents or grandparents.

What is meant by treble and Heaven’s Harmony?

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Treble refers to high tone in music. Heaven’s harmony refers to the way in which the musical notes are sung in heaven. The treble in heaven’s harmony signify that the pleasant tone is heard by every individual.

What is the meaning of mother croon?

The soft gentle voice a mother uses when singing to her baby is an example of a croon. … Croon is defined as to hum, sing or say something in a soothing and melodic voice. An example of croon is a mother softly singing a lullaby to her baby.

What is meant by he plants a friend of sun and sky?

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these lines means that the man plants a friend of sun and sky by planting a tree. A plant grows upwards and aims to reach the sun and the sky. So it is as if the sun and the sky get a new friend in a tree. Now, the man plants a flag that flies freely in the mild breeze.

What is the meaning of hushed and happy Twilight?

Hushed:- very quiet and still. Happy Twilight:- the period in the morning or in the evening during which this light prevails.

Why does the man plant a tree?

The poet believes that when a man plants a sapling he does so because he sees it as symbolic of growth and future life.

What are the two things that a tree planter actually plants?

The Tree planter actually plants seed and bud. These two things are the basic means to reproduce a tree.

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