How Do You Use Merrymaking?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for merrymaking, like: celebration, entertainment, fun, merriment, festivity, conviviality, revel, revelry, laughter, merry-making and frolic.

What does Madrigal mean in English?

1 : a medieval short lyrical poem in a strict poetic form. 2a : a complex polyphonic unaccompanied vocal piece on a secular text developed especially in the 16th and 17th centuries. b : part-song especially : glee.

What is mean by diverting?

1a : to turn from one course or use to another : deflect divert traffic to a side street diverting funds to other projects. b : distract trying to divert her attention. 2 : to give pleasure to especially by distracting the attention from what burdens or distresses children diverting themselves with their toys.

Does divert mean entertain?

Frequently Asked Questions About divert

The words amuse and entertain are common synonyms of divert. While all three words mean “to pass or cause to pass the time pleasantly,” divert implies distracting attention from worry or routine occupation especially by something funny.

What does divert mean in the outsiders?

divert. turn aside; turn away from. suspicion.

What period is madrigal?

Madrigal is the name of a musical genre for voices that set mostly secular poetry in two epochs: the first occurred during the 14th century; the second in the 16th and early 17th centuries.

What is madrigal example?

A good example of an Italian madrigal is entitled Il dolce e bianco cigno, or The White and Gentle Swan by the composer Jacques Arcadelt, Madrigals were usually set to short love poems written for four to six voices, sometimes sung with accompaniment, but in our modern performances they are almost always a cappella.

What is madrigal proper?

The poetic form of the madrigal proper is generally free but quite similar to that of a one-stanza canzone: typically, it consists of a 5- to 14-line stanza of 7 or 11 syllables per line, with the last two lines forming a rhyming couplet.

What is the opposite of merrymaking?

Opposite of joyful festivities, especially as a celebration. gloom. misery. sadness. sorrow.

What is the meaning pleasurable?

: causing a feeling of pleasure or enjoyment : pleasant a pleasurable sensation pleasurable emotions the pleasurable effects of a drug There aren’t many more pleasurable activities than shaking your thing in the streets, surrounded by all the sights and sounds of the carnival. —

What do fun loving mean?

adjective. enjoying life in a lively, lighthearted way; spirited; playful: fun-loving friends.

What mean souvenirs?

: something kept as a reminder (as of a place one has visited) a souvenir of her travels a souvenir shop.

Which of the following festivals means merry making of the Gods ‘?

Lai Haraoba is a festival associated with the Meetei people, celebrated to please the Umang Lai, the traditional deities of Sanamahism. Translated, Lai Haraoba means “merry making of the Gods” in Meetei.

What is the most famous madrigal?

In the Eighth Book of Madrigals (1638), Monteverdi published his most famous madrigal, the Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda, a dramatic composition much like a secular oratorio, featuring musical innovations such as the stile concitato (agitated style) that employs the string tremolo.

How do you make a madrigal?

The Italian madrigal is written in lines of either seven or 11 syllables and is comprised of two or three tercets, followed by one or two rhyming couplets. Just as variable as the lines and line lengths is the rhyme scheme.

What woman was most influentially in the early development of the madrigal?

Established composer and exceptionally talented professional singer, lutenist, and teacher, Maddalena Mezari detta Casulana Vicentina (also known as Maddalena Casulana) of Venice, was the first woman to publish her own musical compositions, primarily madrigals.

What are the main elements of a madrigal?

It is determined that the most important elements of the madrigal are the secular nature of the text, and the expression of this text; the structure of the madrigal as through- composed songs published in unified sets called books; and the madrigal’s intention as music of an educated society, blending a variety of …

What is a continuo madrigal?

Concerted madrigal is a madrigal music style in which any number of voices combine with instruments, whether just basso continuo or basso continuo and others. The development of this style was one of the defining features of the beginning of the Baroque musical era.

What does husky mean in the outsiders?

husky. burly and compact in physique. hysterics.

What does numbly mean in the outsiders?

numbly. adverb: to do something without feeling; to numb or without emotion; Ponyboy watched numbly as the Socs pounded on Sodapop.

What does contemptuously mean in the outsiders?

contemptuously. without respect; in a disdainful manner.

What is divert attention?

: to try to keep people from noticing or thinking about something He was trying to divert/distract attention away from his friend’s mistake.

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