Published on Nov 1, 2016

What You Need to Know About Fountain Pen Ink

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Ink is used for fountain pen which is of the highest qualit and which can be obtained for the writing purpose. They are generally available in different colors ranging from the conventional blue, black, red, green, purple and pink.

Fountain pen ink is usually a water-based ink which has a combination of other chemicals, which are necessary for proper functioning. Colorants are added to the base paint to create specific colors. The combination of chemicals is usually decided upon by the manufacturer so that ink has the appropriate size of the surface tension, flow, and drying time. However, some companies use common ink bottle which emit a different manufacturer.

Indian or drafting ink should be avoided to prevent damage to the pen. Good ink quality is extremely important to maintain the quality of the stylus. Good ink quality is usually pen prevents corrosion as it provides smooth writing. chemical dye mixture typically creates a suitable surface tension and viscosity, which oversees the functioning of the feathers.


Ink pen usually runs smoothly without leaving any gaps, light spots or dark spots. Most of the best ink production companies produce fast drying and fade-resistant ink that are also resistant to water. The only problem is that the ink is dry usually, even if they are not used in the ink bottles, as they have in them faster drying agent.

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