Published on Oct 3, 2016

New Technology by Apple iPhone 7: AirPods Wireless Headphones

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Apple has completely changed the way that people plug headphones into the iPhone 7 headset. There is no headphone jack for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple includes new headphones in the box for the iPhone 7. It included a pair of white headphones, called EarPods, which are included in the iPhone 7 through Lightning charging port.

Apple also includes an adapter, together with the iPhone 7, which will allow their old phones to include the port for charging iPhone 7. You get a 3.5mm adapter and a pair of headphones Lightning earbuds with the iPhone 7.


The Bluetooth headset will work as they always have. But Apple wants you to buy a pair of headphones AirPods.

This new product from Apple, which is reminiscent of the iconic white headphones with cords cut off.

They are wireless headsets that paired with Apple products. They will go on sale in October for $159.

According to Apple, they come with a 5 hours of battery life, but they charge throgh a case that provides 24 hours of battery life.

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