Is The NSCS Legitimate?

In truth, many are the real-deal and can play a meaningful role in enhancing your college experience. Joining NSCS is worth it. The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is an honors organization, boasting 320 plus chapter nationwide, that recognizes high-achieving first-and second-year students.

Does everyone get invited to NSCS?

Students are invited to join in their first or second year of college. However, once you become a member, you’re always a member. Members of all class standings are encouraged to be involved in their chapter; they can take advantage of NSCS’ benefits throughout their college career and even after graduation.

Is NSCS an honor society?

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is an honors organization that recognizes and elevates high-achieving students. NSCS provides career and graduate school connections, leadership, and service opportunities, and gives out more than $750,000 annually in scholarships, awards, and chapter funds.

What are the benefits of NSCS?

Your membership to NSCS provides exclusive access to more than $750,000 annually in scholarships, awards, and chapter funds, career and graduate school connections, leadership and service opportunities, and more.

How do you get nominated for NSCS?

To be eligible, you must:

  1. Attain at least a cumulative 3.0 grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale.
  2. Be enrolled as a first- or second-year undergraduate student at the time of application.

What are the core values of NSCS?

Our Members

NSCS members are deeply committed to scholarship, leadership, and service, and as a result, they are impacting their campus and local communities every day.

What is an NSCS chapter?

NSCS chapters embody the spirit of each individual member’s commitment to scholarship, leadership and service, built upon a foundation of integrity. The Society is proud to have chapters at over 300 higher education institutions across the country.

Do colleges care about the NSHSS?

College admissions officers recognize that NSHSS members are high-achieving scholars with a drive to succeed, so if you’re asking yourself “Does NSHSS look good for college applications?” the answer is yes.

What GPA do you need for Phi Beta Kappa?

Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is limited to undergraduates with very high GPAs, typically at least 3.8 out of a 4.0 scale.

Who is Susan Kuper?

Susan Kuper – Director, Chapter Advisor and Campus Relations – The National Society of Collegiate Scholars | LinkedIn.

Can I get my money back from NSHSS?


Refunds will be issued for select merchandise only returned to NSHSS within 30 days of original purchase and returned in the same condition it was received. We will not accept returns or issue a refund if items are returned after 30 days. NSHSS is not able to refund shipping and handling fees.

What are legitimate college honor societies?

The six founding organizations on December 30, 1925, were Alpha Omega Alpha, the Order of the Coif, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi and Tau Beta Pi. While ACHS certifies each of its members as legitimate, credible organizations, not all legitimate honor societies apply for membership in ACHS.

What does NSCS stand for?

NSCS stands for National Society for Collegiate Scholars, a national organization that represents scholarship, leadership and service.

What does Alpha Lambda Delta do?

About Alpha Lambda Delta

Alpha Lambda Delta provides a community of scholars, a platform to develop your leadership skills, and financial support through scholarships and educational partners. We have been guiding students to academic and career success for 95 years.

What is a national society?

National Societies are independent relief organizations that carry out their own humanitarian activities and support the public authorities in their own countries as auxiliaries in the humanitarian field.

What is the Nsoae?

What is the National Society of Academic Excellence? The NSOAE is both a national accreditation society as well as a networking and professional development service. While it’s best known for being a premier honor society, the NSOAE is much more than just a line on a resume.

What is the Karen Kane scholarship?

According to Karen Kane, director of communications and scholarships at NSHSS, the society offers membership to students if they meet one of the organization’s seven criteria, such as a 3.5 GPA, an SAT score of 1250 or higher, or a score of four or higher on an Advanced Placement exam.

Is NSHSS legit 2021?

NSHSS is a legitimate organization.

Is the national honor society the same as NSHSS?

How is NSHSS different from the National Honor Society? Membership with NSHSS is an individual membership and is not chartered through schools. Being an individual membership is what allows NSHSS to offer a continuity of benefits that extend after high school graduation, into college and beyond.

What is Cuma sum laude?

Summa cum laude is an honorary title used by educational institutions to signify a degree that was earned “with the highest distinction.” Summa cum laude indicates the greatest distinction of three commonly used types of academic honors, expressed in Latin, recognized in the United States.

What is the laude system?

A Laude System is a way to recognize academic honors in graduates. … The EHS proposed Laude System is a point based system that combines honor points (based off of designated honors courses taken) and cumulative grade point average to create a Laude Score.

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