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Jupiter Background Images

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The largest ‘planet’ in our Solar System – Jupiter has always been associated with good luck so let’s see where he can bring a little ‘luck’ into our lives. In the natural/flat chart ‘he’ ‘rules’ the sign Sagittarius and is the landlord/owner of the 9th house – the house of the Superconscious Mind. Wherever you have Jupiter in your Natal Chart you’re being asked to have a little faith, a little confidence and assurance. He ‘visits’ each house in turn every 12 years or so yet, in 2011 he’ll zap through Aries in under six months! What can you expect when he visits your house?

Transiting Jupiter into the 1st – Your health will improve, (if you’ve been feeling low, he’s coming out of your 12th!) Both physically and psychologically you should be feeling good, for this is the beginning of something new in your future. You’ll have success in dealing with people in authority. You could receive good news, or a gift from unexpected sources. You’re bound to feel more optimistic, and you’ll want to expand your life, whether through new ideas or new experiences. Look after your weight for Jupiter is known for increase or decrease! Having Jupiter transit your 1st keep in mind he’ll be here for about 12 months so plan for the future. To give you another example: Let’s suppose you had Neptune in the 1st well, your dreams, imagination and spiritual life are likely to expand in some way. If you were an artist or musician, this can be a very creative period. You may become involved in a church or religious group, undergo a religious conversion, or go on a long journey. You could be associated with a hospital or large institution of some kind. Keeping in mind, Jupiter expands/enlarges/increases whatever he conjuncts, all being well this should be a time for personal and spiritual growth.

Transiting Jupiter into the 2nd – This is a good time to enjoy music, romance remembering, Jupiter will remain in this house for up a year so don’t expect all of what you read to happen immediately. You can be lucky with money and many celebrations will come your way; make the most of the perfect times ahead, and enjoy the party atmosphere. You may even find yourself lucky in love, with the horses, or the stock exchange! You’ll have some happy times if you go with your instincts, rather than worry about what might happen. Things can turn out to be more expensive than you first thought so think carefully about the value of things – needs versus wants. Positively, you’ll feel very happy at this time, so take advantage of this where your good spirits can bring cheer to others for everybody needs a little cheering up…


Transiting Jupiter into the 3rd – A good time to increase your understanding of the ‘world’ around you for Jupiter increases your curiosity at this time, you can and should plan, organise create many different events for business and commercial activities are favoured – don’t be sloppy with details! You’ll have increased enthusiasm, a good time for travel, visiting foreign countries, or applying to a university. Writing, teaching, and making speeches are favoured, submit your manuscript to a publisher, or convey your point of view to others and success will be yours, publicise your product, or yourself. If you’re not practical your ideas will prove too big for the amount of finances, knowledge and other personal resources you have at your disposal – don’t promise what you cannot deliver. Buying and selling – seeking a bargain – selling off that which you no longer need – all are good during this transit, keeping in mind this lasts about a year…

Transiting Jupiter into the 4th – You’ll feel good, and in general, things should be going well for you at this time.

Your relationships with friends, especially female are kind and mutually supportive. This is a good time for dealing with the public and for changing your residence, or buying something for the home you’ve always wanted. It’s also a good time for business and financial dealings – don’t be overly sentimental if you want this success to last. On the flip side unpleasant visitors may appear, so try to be a little tactful in their presence, keep peace and harmony within the home environment. This is a favourable time to negotiate with superiors and civil authorities. You are persuasive, and should have it ‘all together.’ You may hear of a forthcoming happy event with your associations and friendships becoming more expansive, enriching your life in the process. You’ll feel concern, and want to care more for others, go for it…

Jupiter visiting your 5th – Confidence to do the things you want to do and saying no to the things you don’t! Try out what you wouldn’t ordinarily try to do, all of which is good. You’ll discover you have a lot of energy, use common sense in your undertakings however and don’t take on too big a load or too much responsibility, don’t overextend yourself. Be compassionate/ understanding of others and try to look at things from their points of view. This transit will take 12 months so relax and let Jupiter do his job, if your health has been a little low – it’ll improve, physically and psychologically. You’ll have success in dealing with those in authority and could receive good news or a gift; even a win of money for this is generally a good period! You’ll feel or should endeavour to be optimistic and you’ll want to expand your life, whether through new ideas or new experiences (even marriage or commitment with someone foreign!) for this transit usually means the beginning of something new in for your future.

Transiting Jupiter into the 6th – This transit tends to bring improved health where any health problems caused by extravagance and over-indulgence have knocked you for six! You’ll be helpful towards others, a dependable worker with a sense of loyalty, inspiring cooperation and goodwill amongst your fellow workers, enjoying your work and giving of your time willingly. Watch that you do not overwork or overindulge in eating or drinking. Expand your consciousness by going to new places, both in thought and in person. You can now plan and organise many different events with business and commercial activities being favoured, if involved with travel or any kind of mental work don’t be sloppy about details. Constructive intellect is the key phrase where you can make advantageous acquaintanceships conducting business negotiations that will be beneficial for a long time.

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