Published on Feb 5, 2017

Kimono Dress for Kids White Background Images

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Kimono dress is a traditional Japanese clothing worn full length of both genders. In the 21st century, the kimono dress worn mostly on special occasions, but it was considered casual wear in the early 19th century. Silk fabric is cut into rectangular strips so that the kimono dress is easy to disassemble, repair and re-dyed. Kimono dress is not flattering to the figure as a straight-edged pattern, but it provides shine with intricate prints, colors and different styles.

However, Kimono dress is a simplified pattern, often takes an experienced family member or friend to help in the enrichment process. Mantle requires some wrinkles to be ironed out, and adjustments to be made to its length, creating folds and overlap. A number of the more visible ties called koshi himos used for a variety of folds and alignments in place.

Kimono Style is part of Western fashion, but these changes were made periodically. Shortening kimono knee length dress became popular as a design for prom dresses. Although Kimono has become a commodity modernized, it still represents the tradition and culture in Japan.


Below are some of the best ideas on how to choose the best kimono dress for kids.

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