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Kimono Jacket White Background Images

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Japanese kimono jacket is designed to be worn over the kimono, for additional insulation and jackets for protection from the elements. Initially, the men wore the kimono jacket in formal hakama ensemble, which includes several pieces. Gradually, women began to adopting the kimono jacket. At the beginning of the 21st century, some types of kimono jackets are still worn by men, some of them are only women, but some of them are both. Despite initial Kimono jackets can be expensive and complex, lighter, more informal coats are popular as modern Japanese robes and Loungewear.
Haori Jacket

Haori is half the length of the jacket, an average of 30 inches (76.2 cm) in length, with a formal haori longest and most formal style known as kuro montsuki haori reserved for funerals and graduations. As a kimono, they are often a complicated patterned. Haori has a kimono sleeved style, and can be worn in two ways – open or closed and fastened by means of a kind of inner braided belt called Ximo, which is either tied or hooked. Ximo are expensive, so many men and women have Ximo, which can be divided and used for several haori. In modern Japan, haori are popular as gowns and Loungewear, and are distributed over the western-style clothing.
Michiyuki Short Kimono Jacket

As haori, michiyuki is an another short kimono jacket. It has a three-quarter length of a square neck and a generally worn by women. It usually is fastened down the front with rivets and a haori, not to use the outer belt. They are usually made of silk, satin or crape, and often have intricate kimono designs.


Both men and women wear different types of kimono cotton jacket in the summer selection of styles, depending on the type of activity. Hapi, worn by both men and women, they are light cotton shirt with bright designs; They were worn in summer festivals.

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