Published on Jan 28, 2017

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Many types of companies and organizations can benefit from owning their own roll laminators but with all the features and characteristics present in very large format laminators, determining which machine is best to fill your specific needs can be a daunting task. In this article, we will discuss the basics of each type of roll laminator to help you make an informed decision on which machine is best suited for your organization.

Nearly all roll laminators are thermal machines, which means that they are used heat to seal the edges of the laminate film and fuse the layers together. Depending on the device, heat is applied to heat shoes or heated rollers, which are long, flat aluminum plate. Regardless of the type of heating element, all the machines use rollers to ensure a secure grip, remove air bubbles and move laminated documents through the machine. While the price of the machine is slightly higher for the laminator roll, compared with a pouch laminator, roll laminating film is much cheaper per square foot laminating pouches comparable thickness, so that the transition from an organization laminating pouches for laminating roll film will probably notice significant savings on consumables materials.

All thermal laminating roll offer temperature control to allow users to adjust the heat, based on the thickness of the film for lamination of paper and be laminated. Many roll laminators include inverse function, which makes it easier to clear the stuck or jammed documents. Other popular features include adjustable speed, adjustable tension, cutting and cutting devices, forced-air cooling fan (to help reduce clotting of layered elements), and the ability to operate the machine by using the foot pedal.


When choosing a roll laminator you’ll need to evaluate the features that are most important to your specific needs. If you produce large volumes of laminated documents, you may want to look for a machine with a higher maximum speed lamination. If you are going to install, you will need to look for a machine that allows you to set (and can accommodate the thickness of which is the most commonly used). Those who only laminated standard size documents can be satisfied with a model that has the maximum width of the document 13, “and those looking for laminated signs or other large displays are likely to want, which offers greater maximum width. Taking the time to consider specific characteristics existing roll laminators will help ensure that you get the best laminator for your purposes.

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