Published on Jul 2, 2017

Leather Shoes White Background Images

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Consider buying your first pair of leather shoes as an investment, and it would last you a long time. Leather shoes are not ideal for formal occasions they can be used for informal events. Leather shoes can be made with different types of skin and selection of the most suitable not only complement your outfit, but also be a great way to start investing in yourself.

The skin used for the production of leather shoes will determine not only the quality but also the price. Reptile skin is very popular, because they tend to last longer; However, typically this skin is more expensive than other animal skins. In addition, the reptile skin require less maintenance and as such the skin of snakes, lizards, alligators are even comes in higher prices.

Cordovan Shell, which comes with a horse hindquarters is an expensive material as its water and stretch-resistant.


The most common skin used for the production of leather shoes comes from calf, it tends to be thinner and lighter but has a finer grain and fiber, which makes it a preferred skin used in the shoe industry. The skin is elastic, durable and easier to bend to the desired shape and size. Some shoe manufacturers also benefit from the smooth side of the calf, which is called “suede”. This type is suitable for informal or casual shoes, as it can be easily cleaned and is strong enough. It also can not easily scratched, unlike other materials.

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