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Lilac White Background Images

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Lilac (Syringa vulgaris) has several similar meanings, and if you add the variations accorded to purple versus white lilac, the list is getting longer. The liaison with the white lilac seems to be “youth” and “memories of youth” and even some old colorful dictionaries of “the innocent frankness of the youth.”

As lilac flowers at the beginning of the year, the metaphor of youth is naturally, but a bit sad and nostalgic aspect of its significance is several others possible sources: firstly, the little-known fact that burning lilacs brings wood into the smoke with the smell of open flowers – the memory of the glorious youth of deadwood tanning. A slightly less sad connection between purple and memory can come from a tradition among the first American pioneers planting shrubs in front of their farms as a sign of civilization in the desert where they struggled to make a living.

The lilac is stable and grows from the roots of old cutting of shrubs. They still can see where the original rural houses (farmhouses) have long vanished – a reminder of the time of youth optimism and energy.


The white lilac has a strong association with memories of innocent youth times, and this is an excellent choice when thoughts are t be directed to happy days of the past.

The white lilac symbolizes memories of the youth and the innocence of happy long past days.

From a practical point of view, it is important to know how to treat lilacs. It is available almost year-round eerily bare stems of sources of greenhouse gasses. These last is best when the bottom 3 cm (1 in.) Of wooded stems is lightly ground with a hammer and then placed in deep fresh water. If they start to settle prematurely, attach the cut stems into a bucket holding a few centimeters of boiling water. Allow the water to cool before setting a lilac in deep water in a vase, or by itself or with other high flowers.

For a very short period in the spring, the lilac is also available in delightful branched bunches of garden sources. For these, to last any length of time, you have to remove all the leaves, and then bash and boil the stems as needed.

If you do not remove the leaves, the garden lilacs seem to be able to keep the leaves and flowers in a cut position and simply discarded.

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