Published on Dec 20, 2016

Long Wallet White Background Images

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Leather long wallets are among the most popular ever mostly because of their durability, versatility and beauty. In fact, most iconic, classic and fashionable purses for women made from leather accents. Of course, the wallets are also made of other materials such as fabric, plastic or even metal, but still leather dominate the marketplace.

Wallets should serve a practical function in the first place. Designers and manufacturers of these products provide compartments to store important items such as coins and currency on the one hand, as well as credit cards, debit cards, driving licenses, identity cards and other documents. Obviously, the size of the portfolio determines the quality and quantity of items which can be securely placed therein.

Then, the long wallets must also comply with a personal sense of aesthetics for those who use it – the form and fashion. Wallets for women, whether in fabric or leather wallets are at the forefront of such a requirement is mainly because the wallets are part of their personal belongings and not simply be a functional element.


Women often have more wallets other than those which are designed for men. Compartments are more numerous, because women tend to put more things in their wallets common such as currency, coin and pictures, mementos, and other small items with sentimental value.

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