Published on Aug 25, 2020

Love Bird Background Images

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We have seen some beautiful cute little beautiful birds in some pet stores. In which lovebirds are the best choice for some one who is willing to buy a parrot. Usually large parrots like macaw specious can live for a life span of 60 years, where as small birds like seldom which is one of the lovebirds specious can live for an average of fifteen years.

If you are willing to buy a lovebird in any of the pet stores, you must have good knowledge of birds and maintenance of birds. Birds like parrots and lovebirds are not easily maintained birds. Some of the important key factors to keep in mind is the owner must show special care and dedication towards their pets.

Birds always live in companion few bird specious like love birds and parrots cannot live without the company of others, so the owner must spend at least few hours of his time with these social creators, if not it might affect the birds to cause some problems like aggression, constant squawking and excessive preening.


It would be better to buy a young lovebird with six to ten weeks old because they are hand feed and they will be easy to tame and train, instead of training the parent-fed lovebirds

The cage of a love bird should be designed in such a manner that it should be big and spacious with some small boxes fixed into the cage with a hole so that it can rest in it.

Even it can fly freely and it stretches its wings, place some toys in the cage to keep them stimulated. The bars of cage should be horizontal and there their needs to be few perches located at different levels. Most birds love to bath. The place at the bottom of the cage can be used for birds to bath.

To maintain good health of you bird specially lovebirds it should have some physical activities everyday. You can let you bird free in a safe room, be aware that all you doors and windows are closed and the room must be free form predators such as cats and dogs. Cleaning the cage regularly keeps the birds in good health which avoid infection, and some disease to birds. Birds are like kids they are very sensitive to smoke, air pollution, cigarette smoke and toxic fumes

Feeding of lovebird in proper time is important the owner should feed a good quality parrot seed mix and safe foods like feeding them plenty of fresh, clean vegetables and fruits. This makes the birds feel like feeding in the wild.

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