Published on Apr 20, 2017

Love White Background Images

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If there is a word in this world that has lost its place in the relationship, it’s love. The world has taken its place of love for all people, money, career, sex, feelings, etc. The saddest thing about the replacement has cursed its way to the church. Most of the relationship between God’s people today is a reflection of what is in the world and not an exact copy of what is in the Word. Love itself has not changed. It is truly based only on your actions – what you do, what you give – your every act of kindness.

God’s Love

Love is verified by the deeds of kindness. It did not lose its brilliance, goals or tasks of driving. It has and will always do what was originally intended to do. To obtain the full manifestation of this, we must abandon our own selfish, unsympathetic and insensitive perception definition of love and accept the real true meaning of this. Because the Bible determines the love of God.


Definition of Love

The definition of love is so clear and simple, but its people who made it so hard. In this generation, most of the efforts to find love begin with a dream to create a thin bicep, beautiful body, beautiful hair and this is an extremely financially friendly person, not realizing that thinking is for settling more in the lines of settled life of imitation of love.

Love vs. Beauty

Understand that having someone who is handsome and beautiful with money is not a problem. The dilemma could not decipher, what takes over other in the relationship. Do they love you? Or fell at the height of love with what you have? This is not an error specific to gender because it applies to both men and women.

People simply restore the value of love and its attributes to fit it into their personal agenda and wonder why relationships often lead to death. Understand that when it comes to creating something special relationship, the initial start of construction influences the assembly of the entire building. If the foundation of your relationship is built on something other than things that are designed to make it strong and withstand the impacts of heat, rain, and wind, sooner or later it will fall. At some point, no matter how good it looks or appears to others at someday it will come down. How your life of love is built matters a lot.

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