Published on Sep 12, 2018

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The Mackintosh coat was invented by Charles Macintosh (without K!), A Scottish chemist at the beginning of the 19th century, and in 1823 Macintosh released a new way to make waterproof clothing with rubber liquefied in coal tar naphtha, to join the two pieces of cloth together.

With the invention of vulcanized rubber in 1839, to make changes in their rain wear line and introduces a new rubber fabric that is designed to handle with extreme changes in temperature. Since then, the company has been studying a variety of different types of fabrics to offer the best possible rain-wear.

Mackintosh became popular nowadays, household name in the production of a rain-wear. This luxurious high-end model is focused on the quality and design of all-season and raincoat.


The Mackintosh Coat comes in a variety of styles and fabrics, in fact the entire product range includes everything from classic designs and elegant coats to more modern and fashionable coats to the younger generation.

These products are easily available in many colors and can be customized to the lining, buttons and collar of the jacket in accordance with individual tastes and requirements. All their designs are still made by hand by their highly skilled and experienced tailor specialists.

All their assortment of coats is available for men, women, and children, although they are best known for their two regular collections, are called Duncan (for both gents and ladies) and Douglas (only for men) that can be bought on Mackintosh’s website or in selected boutiques in major cities, especially in London.

The standard, the classic Macintosh coat usually cost about $ 400-600, while more “fashionable” will cost around $500-700.

Advantages of Mackintosh Coat:

• They are easily available in classic design, as well as in modern versions.

• They are always made of the finest fabrics.

• They are tough and healthy and will require little maintenance for a very long time.

The collection of regular and modern stylish coats is endless, and the acquiring of this leading brand in the industry itself is modern and on its own.

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