Published on Dec 20, 2016

Maxima Watch White Background Images

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Maxima is the second largest brand of watches after Titan Sonata in India. It is the only brand in the world of watch making waterproof watches; Others do water resistant watches.

Maxima has a wide range made for all occasions. Gold; Collection Attivo steel; Aqua and fiber Clock Collection and Premium highs designer watches by Shantanu & Nikhil.

Maxima is known for its low cost, but high-tech products. Maxima and Sonata are the only reliable brands operating in India for Rs. 2000 price.


Maxima is the result of a vision to serve the majority of users through products that are accurate, reliable, guaranteed quality and after-sales service with the support of a reliable insurance brand. With a sleek design, high standards of products and affordable, the brand has seen tremendous acceptance in the minds of consumers.

Today Maxima is available in every part of the Indian country with the support of more than 80 distributors, 6000 loyal retailers and e-commerce platforms, including its own website.

Maxima Watches are the best choice for those looking for a souvenir, which is useful and beautiful, representing India. With a unique design, related to Indian culture, the Maxima will get your heart towards India.

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