Published on Mar 15, 2017

McLaren White Background Images

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One of the world’s most famous and innovative sports cars ever created to this day, the McLaren F1 broke the record to become the fastest production car ever. Produced in one nineteen ninety-eight, the cars still holds the record to be the fastest production car in the world with the NA engine, although three other production F1 cars beat them all for maximum speed. McLaren has become an important milestone in the production of vehicles with a maximum speed of two hundred and forty miles per hour.

Lightweight body, almost aerodynamically perfect, the car can still compete with vehicles for successful work to date, even with ten years of technological advances, since F1 started production. BMW’s six-liter V12 was extremely powerful and produces over five hundred and fifty horsepower. While the car is equipped and designed to work, and in fact, there is a racing car release that won in 1995 in Le Mans, the interior is designed with convenience in mind.

Car doors rise up and are known as a butterfly door. The driver sits in a certain position in the car front of the engine. Two seats are located on either side of the driver, but further back. The very low weight of McLaren is achieved through the use of light materials such as carbon fiber, gold, and magnesium. The aerodynamic ability of the car is another important factor in its success. The drag coefficient F1 even outperforms some of the fastest cars around today, beating Bugatti Veyron and the current fastest car in the world, SSC Aero.


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