Published on Jan 6, 2020

Money Background Images

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Before God’s financial will can become a reality in your life, there are some biblical, financial principles you must adhere to:

God is the Real Owner of Money. God owns it all, because He made it all. That includes all the money in every pocket, purse, bank account or investment account anywhere on planet earth. And yes, the money that God owns does include the money you have in your wallet, purse, bank account, piggy bank, or under your mattress. It’s a hard or harsh truth, but it’s reality: you own zero money. Here is the supreme proof that you and I own nothing: try dying. That’s right: drop dead and see how much stuff you can take with you. Nothing. Like me, you were born broke; you didn’t come into this world with diapers on! And guess, what? Like me, you will die broke too; you’ll leave it all behind, even if you’re Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey. Well, if God owns everything and every penny, then who are you in relation to stuff? You are a custodian, a manager, a steward. You and I are custodians of God’s property, God’s money. See Psalm 24:1; 50:10-11; Haggai 2:8; Job 1:21; 1 Timothy 6:7.

God is the Ultimate Source and Giver of Money. Your pay master or wherever you get income is only a medium for getting the money from God to you. How does God get money to you? Normally through work. But for you to be able to work for money, you need life, health and strength, and every bit of that comes from God. See Deuteronomy 8:18; Proverbs 10:22; Ecclesiastes 5:19; Acts 17:28.


Money is a Powerful Force. Besides God, money is perhaps the second most powerful force in the universe. In a life where there is no, money becomes god, an idol – either the love of it or the lack of it. Money is like a mighty flowing stream that can sweep you away and drown you, if you don’t know what to do with money. Why do you think we use the word “currency” to refer to money? Because that’s what money is: a current, an ever-moving current that carries goods and services, for better or worse, around the world 24/7. The currency of money never stops flowing. The current floats some people, just of few, while it sinks and drowns the masses who are blind to the reality of this mighty flowing stream, not to mention which direction the current is flowing. Just a minority of the human race have learned the skill to surf the financial waters and waves. It’s sad but true: most human beings swim against the tide of currency. That’s why the masses are often left poor and naked, standing along the bare shores of currency, if they are not already drowned victims who ignorantly tried to swim against that almost almighty tide. See Proverbs 10:15; 18:11; Matthew 6:24.

Know the Warning Label that comes with Money. There is nothing wrong with money as there is nothing wrong with a kitchen knife. It just depends on whose hand it’s in. In the hand of a cook the kitchen knife does wonderful things to prepare a delicious meal. But in the hand of a burglar that same utensil becomes a deadly weapon. Like a kitchen knife, money is amoral; it has no morals. Money simply takes on the morals, ethics, or character of the person handling it. The primary warning about money has to do with greed or covetousness, which can lead to “the love of money…the root of all kinds of evil”.

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