Published on Apr 14, 2017

Mother White Background Images

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Who is mother: Technical definition

The question “who is the mother” has many technical definitions. One definition says that mother is a woman who gave birth to a child. Another technical definition says that the mother is a physical or social female parent of an offspring. The mother is the woman to whom one was born.

Mother who accept a child


It is not always necessary that someone can only become the mother if she haven’t biologically give birth to the child. A woman who takes and raises a child more than a mother to this child. In the animal kingdom, the mother is also called the female parent of the animal.

Sacred relationship

A mother’s term or relationship that brings a lot of respect, and is closely related to the birth, grows, love, compassion, empathy and forgiveness. Therefore, the yin polarity, magnetic, caring healer, mediator, the soul of the world, all the different connotations symbolized by the mother. Also, the mother is called the female ancestor of the human being a woman who holds the position of authority and responsibility, a title for women to be respected for her wisdom and age and women who created, originates or founds something.

The mother is also given as a symbol of the creative source, origin, as well as emotions, such as maternal love and tenderness, compassion, sympathy, and care.


After all the definitions and expressions of the thoughts on the mother, I still feel that “who is the mother” is a question that cannot be answered in a satisfactory way with words and one must feel the love, upbringing, compassion and compassion of the mother’s personal level to know, what is the mother. This is the glory of the mother, and this is “what is the mother.”

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