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Motherboard White Background Images

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The motherboard is the main circuit board inside your computer. The board consists of all the controls that run on computer peripherals, including a computer monitor, keyboard and hard drive. Along with these controls the motherboard also contains the connectors for attaching additional peripherals or expansion slots for your computer. In short, the motherboard is like a communication platform that allows the various devices and peripherals attached to the computer to talk to each other and work together.

Types of Motherboards

Since the motherboard works in sync with the computer processor, the type of motherboard your computer can be directly related to the type of processor in your machine. For example, the motherboard Socket 478 is good with Intel P4 and Celeron processors Socket 939 series and is used in the range of AMD64 processors. So if you create or update your computer, you need to choose a motherboard that will support the type of CPU you plan to have or already have.


You can also pick up a motherboard and CPU combo which will not only ensure compatibility, but will be cheaper than buying them individually. And will have to consistently comply with all the computer components on the motherboard. For example, if you want to expand the memory, and not do anything affordable. You will need to check whether the type and amount of memory you want to buy is supported by the motherboard.

Your computer is as good as your motherboard. Memory can be upgraded can add peripheral devices and the computer can be made more advanced if only your motherboard allows. Thus, even if you do not need high-tech features in your computer instantly and wish to opt for basics to cut costs by choosing to advanced motherboard can be a wise move, because then you can keep upgrading your computer and when.

Readymade Motherboard or Assembled Motherboard Which is Best?

Buying a branded computer or having one assembled entirely a personal choice. With a wide variety of finished products and ready availability of components, both options are ideally suited for those particular needs. Thus, while the ready computer can be assured that the service, the assembled device will make it in the economy will offer.

If you are looking at buying a motherboard, perhaps the best place to shop for motherboards and other computer components is the internet. Largest selection that is available online is further complimented by the opportunity to compare and find the best product for your needs.

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