Published on Jun 2, 2017

Mountain White Background Images

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There are three things you should know about climbing a mountain. First, they never crowded on top of the mountain. Secondly, it is very difficult to climb a mountain, so it is never crowded. Thirdly, as Saints and Mystics tell us, the secret door is on the top of the mountain leads a secret passage to the inner world of His world. If we go to the mountain, we can knock on this secret door and get entrance to His Divine Reality. This is a promise of spiritual scripture.

When to Climb a Mountain?

When you climb a mountain, we need to make sure that our body is healthy and in the best condition, we also need to carry the necessary equipment and the necessary equipment for climbing, food, and drink during the ascent should also be enough, and many others that require attention.


Training & Exercise

To prepare yourself, before climbing the mountain you must exercise for at least one month before the day of mountaineering. Regular physical exercises every day for half an hour during the first week and continue to grow until 3 hours last week. Sports that should be a movement, not a static exercise, which means that many sports can increase stamina and strengthen your joints which help needed to climb the mountain. Thus, you can jog and run too fast, sit ups and push ups, making small jumps in place and not making small jumps continuously until the specified time.

Equipment You Need to Climb a Mountain

When you climb a mountain, there are some tools that should be brought to you. This tool is a compass (preferably each person carries one or two compasses), raincoat, tent to accommodate the number of climbers, sneakers, boots (if necessary) changeable clothing, if necessary, a small stove and gas (Hot clothing, UV protective lotions, First-aid boxes, personal medicines and personal equipment (wet tissue, dry tissue, plastic bags, sleeping bags, etc.).


After completing the preparation of the equipment, you need to prepare the food and drinks that you must be brought. Obviously, the amount of food and drink you carry depends on the results of your research to determine how much time you need to climb and down the mountain. But there are some foods that are highly recommended for you to carry and there are several types of drinks that you should have it depending on the situation on the mountain climb. These types of foods are chocolate, instant noodles, bread, white bread, butter and sprinkled with sugar, and do not miss fruit such as apples and oranges. Some drinks that you might need is water, coffee, ginger drinks and tea.

Pray and Hope for the Best

Before you climb a mountain, double-check your health, because once you climb the mountain and get to the middle of the mountain, there’s no turning back. Do not forget to pray according to your religion and hope to survive to the top and return to safety.

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