Published on Feb 8, 2020

Nature Scene Background Images

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Nature exists in an optimum way, with the perfect equilibrium between friction and gravity, which when disrupted by disasters, manmade or natural, parameters of these outstretching and allowed by Nature, she has this way of adapting. An intriguing way that one feels compelled to analyse. Such extremes, yet such balance, I wonder in awe…such order.

This ‘mindset’ is coefficient to achieve equilibrium, I have learnt this empirically, it is mandatory for her evolution and must be allowed for in striking the optimum balance in Nature. It is in this allowance for the extreme limits that she sometimes inevitably loses ground in pursuit of her dreams, sometimes even having to succumb to the avalanche of her will. This nurtures tolerant thoughts and consciousness is born inherently, resulting in the clear-thinking mind power of which Nature is truly capable and displays.

Mankind wastes away talents, selfishly building monuments, but she shares hers with the less fortunate, for Nature puts her hands out to grab the fullness of gratitude and rests. For Nature knows that gluttony expands her universe, and that failure, weakness and asymmetry trigger dark energy; such is the nature of the kind, that closes in on herself and her whole terrain landslides. Even when that occurs, Nature corrects herself and adjusts…creating even better symmetry than before to recenter and thus regain her optimum equilibrium to wholeness and fullness.


Nature knows mystically that it is disrupted, the balance. She senses it. Tsunamis consume her heartbeat, sandstorms blur her vision and precious life slips by. Manmade disasters also cripple her world and people die. People are being killed by the unnatural, deceitful pandemonium of kidnapping, drug/human trafficking, poverty, famine, disease, pollution, terrorism, pandemics, radiation leaks. Crises that plague her people, that climax into vulnerability. Such is the result of disrupting Nature’s balance, the barbaric reality, of a powerless, coy soul and its fate. Such is the species that Nature can neither control nor tolerate, but must adopt the ‘mindset’ in pursuit of survival/evolution.

To counteract these idiosyncrasies, Nature must be prepared to steer strong, to withstand currents of the oceans, to be resilient to wind erosion, to be highly charged in the face of friction and gravity. It is in this way that Nature learns in spite of being altered by intervention, to be wise, moderate and temperate, to thrive, transform, endure, retaliate, adjust, adapt, persist, develop, conquer, evolve and grow. Then Nature lives in bliss, eternally.

Nature forges on to eternity. She is the epitome of beautiful, eternally thankful. With hopes for grand unification, abundant consciousness and lingering joy, beyond space and time. Nature is constantly nurturing and pruning her soul, body and mind. The whole of Nature persevering until she becomes distinguished to a degree of Perfection. If mankind would only emulate her, oh what a better place the world would be.

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