Published on Nov 25, 2016

Network Hub White Background Images

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Ethernet network hub may be referred to as concentrators, as they are responsible for the connecting of several computer devices that are part of a Ethernet network via RJ-45 cable connector. Ethernet network hub allows all computers on a network for the exchange and sharing of data, in addition to using the same Ethernet connection. These hubs consist of two ports that connect each computer to the core network source or what we call the router. There are lights that indicate the status of connections to ports.

The fact that with a network connection, there is always the possibility of data conflicts or other things.

There are various types of Ethernet network hub. One that transfers data from one port to the other ports in the network is a passive Ethernet hub cable. This type is a kind recommended for use in homes or some small areas where there are only a few computers connected in a network. The reason for this is that the passive hub tends to jam data, which then leads to collisions and slow connections.


On the other hand, all the active hubs keep the incoming data ports to the destinations that have been identified. The advantage of the active hub is that it reduces the risk of collision of data transmission cables, which have single connections. These hub may also have a cache buffer that can store data so that it can be restored easily in the event of collisions. Ethernet active hubs can provide seamless connections.

If you are looking for a good network Ethernet hub, choose one that can handle all the stations required to comply with the network. If you have a small business, you may need an Ethernet hub that has more ports, so you always have the ability to add more to the network. In addition, get the one that is built in firewall to protect the network against these risks.

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