Published on Mar 24, 2017

Onion White Background Images

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Onions are an excellent addition to so many dishes that must have in your home at any time. They keep for several weeks before germinate and are extremely useful to you. The best part is that the onions are easy to grow and you can grow a good number of them in your garden, harvesting as they develop, or all at once, depending on your needs. Onions are better to be stored in a cool, dry place where you can use them for long periods of time.

There are many kinds of onions. There is a green onion in which the onion offshoots themselves are used in cooking. There are yellow onions, purple onions, red onions, white onions, and leeks.

They can have a slightly sweeter taste or can be spicy, sharp and pungent, depending on the variety and when you harvest them in a year. Young onions are usually sweeter, so if you want, choose the youngest onion.


Onions Health Benefits

1. Onions are rich in vitamin C, which is an excellent antioxidant. Antioxidants are important for cell health since they can stop the cascade of free oxygen radicals that occurs as part of the cellular metabolism. Free oxygen radicals will eventually damage many molecules in the cell if the antioxidant is not neutralized.

2. Skin and other tissues that rely on the presence of collagen need vitamin C found in onions to stay healthy. Use vitamin C rich onions in salads or other dishes for the best in the health of connective tissue.

3. Onions, like many vegetables, have the most nutrition in them when they are freshly picked and can not say what green or bulbous unions to find in the store. This means it’s best to start your organic garden, including a row of onions you can take all season.

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