Published on Jan 1, 2017

Overcoats White Background Images

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By definition, the overcoats worn by men over a suit or casual business wear, going to work or other outdoor events. Overcoats protective clothes people wear to combat cold weather. In winter, the overcoat is an accessory that adds to the style and features a well-dressed than the others. Obviously, when you are going to wear the overcoat with knee-length with a scarf tied jauntily around your neck, will make a striking impression regardless of what clothing you have inside. So is it worth spending the money and time to choose a rich looking overcoat.

Most people choose single-breasted overcoat and most of the time it can be worn without scarf. In addition, you can wear trim lapels to show colorful shirt and tie. Single breasted overcoat worn with or without a belt. Black, dark gray and dark blue overcoat is very popular and can be worn with any color shirt and tie beneath you.

Single-breasted overcoat with a narrow overlap and a number of three or four buttons, it can really make the wearer look great. Single-breasted overcoat is also more convenient because it can be worn open without having to be completed throughout.


Double-breasted overcoat usually indicates two rows of buttons with a number of buttons. Four and six button in double-breasted overcoat is widely available in the market.

As for fabrics, cashmere is by far the most popular fabrics used in overcoat. Cashmere wool is very warm and rich look fabric. You can always find a good looking overcoat, which provide a retractable lining. Zip lining up in the cold weather and just shoot it, when the temperature warms up. You can choose between the classic, long, exaggerated and widely spaced lapel. A good tailor can definitely offer valuable suggestions regarding the qualities that can make the overcoat look fashionable.

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