Published on May 19, 2017

Peacock White Background Images

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Peacock is famous for its bright colored feathers, but do you know that a peacock is actually a male peafowl? The female peafowl will break large extravagant feathers than the male peafowl (peacock) has. Female measuring about 34 inches long and weighing about 7.4 kg. A male peacock whose feathers are in the air measured 7.4 feet and weighed about 11 kg.

Peacocks are considered loyal and faithful to their partners. In mythology, the peacock has been said to die of grief if it loses its mate. During the mating season, Peacock will attract the attention of the female, lifting their long beautiful feathers in the air and shaking them. Both have an average life span of twenty years in the wild. They are peaceful animals that prefer to live in large, open spaces, but without any chaos.

Peacock is a symbol of beauty, a kingdom of immortality, pride and peace. According to Muslim Legend, this magnificent bird received a symbolic presence in the “Gates of Paradise.” Peacocks are also associated with the “All-Seeing Eye” because the feathers look as if showing 100 eyes.


In Greek mythology, the peacock is the patron bird of the goddess Hera. According to the myth, Hera put 100 eyes feathers, which symbolize the eyes of the stars.

In Buddhism, this beautiful bird symbolizes wisdom and purity. Feathers are used for the purification ceremonies of a Buddhists. Peacock is sacred in India and is also considered a symbol of luck. Feng Shui peacock is a symbol of beauty and truth.

Displaying a picture of a peacock in the southern part of the bedroom can vitalize to a lasting and loving partnership. Also, in Feng Shui, peacock feathers can protect you from disasters and dangers because of the “eyes” of feathers.

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