Published on Nov 1, 2016

Benefits of Using USB Pen Drive to Storage Data

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Pen Drive is a compact, removable storage device just like a floppy disk or CD. Instead of a floppy device or disk, which are used for reading a floppy disk and CD respectively, the flash drive can be connected to USB-port (Universal Serial Bus) on your computer. USB Pen drive makes easier to use and data can be transferred faster from the pen drive.

Different manufacturers call Pen Drives they produce differently. Today pen dive goes by the names of the flash drive, USB flash drive, Jump Drive, Traveller`s Drive, USB key drive, USB flash memory, and much more!

These pen drives are small inexpensive almost ubiquitous and very convenient. They are available generally in the range from 4 to 256 GB, which makes them very useful for us to transfer large amount of data from one computer device to another computer, laptop or smartphone.


Pen drive is a modern floppy disk. The main difference lies in the fact that the flexible disc has moving parts, which makes the data stored on the drive are vulnerable to loss. The drive handle with the other hand is a solid state device that is it has no moving parts. This allows almost completely seal the pen drive that makes it resistant to the effects of dust and general magnetic fields. Consequently, the pen drive is much safer option for storing important data.

Pen drives can be used store operating systems for booting the computer. This makes them popular for diagnosis and repair work. Rather than carry tools and maintenance software applications CD-ROM, a pen device can be used, which is faster and can be easily manipulated when the software is updated or not useful.

Pen drive is one of the most economical medium for mobile storage cost per unit storage space. They are really lightweight and durable by nature, it is a great success and a very important and indispensable tool for many users did.

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