Published on Jan 16, 2017

Pen White Background Images

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Pens can be the classic fountain pen that use ink flowing through the nib, roller ball pens, pens without ballpoint tips. Ink pens is thick and oil based whereas roller pens come in a liquid or gel ink, so that their writing is smoother and has a more fluid motion. While you can expect a certain blotching or staining on the reverse side of the paper if it is too thin or of low quality. In addition, you need to give your writing a few seconds to dry before your hand on it or folding paper. However, you will love the clean finish that you get with a ballpoint pen. Ballpoint pens are likely to last longer and have fewer opportunities for them to dry for a short period of time.

Traditional fountain, personalized pens come with refillable cartridge, which can be filled with ink or you can opt for those with disposable cartridges. These pens may seem old school, but they are perfect to gifting your parents or grandparents who have a certain amount of practice writing them. In the digital age, when young people are more adept at writing than writing with pens, gift of fountain pens can evoke joy and sentimentality.

Regardless of what kind of pens you like to write with, you can always turn them into valuable gifts with the right inscriptions. Check online and you will find a lot to companies that allow you to choose personalized pens as gifts for friends and family.


Personalized pens with the logo of the company can make high profile events, such as conferences, meetings, exhibitions, seminars and exhibitions attended by top managers. Gifs that they can serve as memories and collectibles.

While pens are universal and can be used by people of all ages and both sexes, personalized pens can be ordered especially to appeal to a male or female eyes. Males may be selected from a range of solid silver, gold, champagne, or possibly a combination of both. Many personalized gifts company taking orders for the sleek, slim handle that ergonomically designed for comfort women with colors and styles that are likely to make an impression on them. These pens are very delicate shades that spell elegance and beauty. For example, a light touch of pastel colors in the design or perhaps a stylish heart-shaped pendant hanging from the top. Think pearl and enamel finish or crystal piece for a little bling and shine.

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