Published on Jan 1, 2017

Pencil Skirt White Background Images

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Pencil skirt is a woman’s skirt with straight and narrow cut. It often hugs the curves of the female body, which makes it clear revealing. Typically, only the skirt ends at or just below the knee.

A popular style in the 1950s, pencil skirt is often seen in the office for women’s clothing. Older versions have existed since 1915, and can be floor or ankle length, but 1950 brought a style of popularity. Since the skirt are more restrictive, it can have a back slit or kick pleat to give women a little more room to go.

Pencil skirt remains a popular style, but every year is the fashion to prove their superiority or declare “outside”. It is often sold as part of a suit, and a woman can be linked to any jackets. The actual length of the skirt can vary from year to year, but in general, regardless of the length, which is much above the knee is not considered this style, but instead a mini-skirt.


Since the pencil skirt can hinder movement, women may want to look for those with or kick pleat or slit back. Sometimes it even has two side slits that encourage walking easier and more comfortable in a sitting position. When the skirt does not have these features not only walking, but sitting can be uncomfortable, especially if the skirt is too tight.

Skirt remains a flattering style that comes in a variety of fabrics, such as wool, cotton, cotton jersey, silk, linen and cashmere. They are often warmer than other skirts, because the shape of a pencil keeps your feet close together that can make them a good choice for winter wear.

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