Published on Jul 30, 2020

Pink Fairy Background Images

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The myths and legends of fairies are as plenteous as the sands of the sea. The stories passed down from generation to generation speak of magical beings of untold power, mystery and beauty. Many wonder what the truth behind the tales are, but many more desire to know what fairies look like- what about them is so striking?

The Gift of Physical Beauty

Though there are many stories and artistic renderings of what fairies look like, there are few who know exactly what to believe. Do fairies have deep black eyes, pointed claw-like fingers and fangs? Or are fairies creatures of ethereal beauty and grace?

More are likely to believe that the fairies of the stories they have read as a child are truly glorious beings. Whereas some fairies such as Tinkerbell can be diminutive in stature, there are others that are six feet tall. They have long flowing hair that glimmers in the moonlight, their ears are perfectly pointed at the tips and their eye are slanted, almost almond shaped. The fairies of little girl’s dreams have pale skin that glitters as if kissed by a pearl, and their wings are diamond encrusted capes upon their backs. Every child dreams of fairies as being more beautiful than any mere human, and they can continue to dream of such things. Fairies are as beautiful as you want them to be.


Adornments and Apparel

Fairies are not just beautiful in physical appearance; they also wear the most delectable things. The fairy women gown themselves in diaphanous fabrics that shimmer in the light and hide little from the sight. The men of the fairy court are garbed in tunics of rich silk and velvet that cause even the stoutest hearted of human women to gasp in utter awe.

The clothes of the fairies are inconsequential next to the fine jewels and gems they wear. The fairy jewel crafters are known to be the craftsmen to the gods. Nothing that the humans of this world can produce will ever compare to the magical craftsmanship of the fairies. On the head of each fairy is a tiny crown of the purest gold. Upon each fairy hand is a ring, each detailed planned out to the merest nth degree. The neck of each fairy is adorned with a necklace so fine that the moon itself would fall from the sky just to marvel at its shine. No human on earth could ever imagine the true beauty of the fairy wardrobe.

Fairies are magic; they are the very essence of what legends are made of. The dreams and fantasy fairies create in the minds and hearts of all people are what makes our hearts yearn for something more. The beauty and appearance of a fairy will not only cause our eyes to sparkle in joy, it will cause our eyes to become blind to all earthly beauty made of man.

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