Published on Aug 25, 2020

Pink Rose Background Images

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Although flowers are usually considered as symbols of love and affection, pink roses have different and often contrasting meanings depending on where you look. For instance, an ancient Roman myth narrates how Apollo transformed Rhoanthe into a pink rose when she became the protector of women against his will. In this context, pink roses stand for pain, death, or long-standing suffering. It’s a good thing that there are not many people today who are familiar with and follow the tenets of ancient mythology; the pink rose is too beautiful to carry such a sad meaning. Today, pink roses stand for gentle emotions and sweet thoughts, as well as a symbol for innocent young love that has yet to bloom into a full-blown romance.

Perhaps the most touching meaning of the pink rose can be found in the story of a mother’s ultimate love and devotion for her child. Legend says that when Mother Mary first saw her son Jesus walking up to Calvary Hill, struggling to carry the cross where he would eventually be nailed to, the first tear that slid down her cheeks landed on barren soil. Once the crowd began to thin out, the first perfect pink rose grew up from that single, precious tear. There is nothing more touching than for a mother than to receive a bouquet of sweet pink roses as these clearly allude to the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Whether it’s her birthday or its Mother’s Day, pink roses are the perfect gift to give her.

Pink roses come in many different shades, from bright crimson to a delicate, almost-white hue. It is the latter shade is conveys sweet, delicate emotions the best. Aqua baby roses are exquisite, pale pink roses with a sweet perfume that denote gentleness, grace and gratitude. The next time you need to express love, affection, a budding romance, gratitude, or good intentions, send a bouquet of aqua baby roses. It’s a gift that your mother or your beloved will treasure. No special occasion to send flowers? All the more reason to send her pink roses! One of the greatest characteristics of this color is that it doesn’t carry a meaning as intense as red roses do. It can it can be used to say hello or to cheer up someone in a caring and loving way. One can send it to a friend without worrying that it might be interpreted as an act of courtship. Surprising her with flowers is the best way to let her know that you truly care.


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